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Four Hours of Anxiety

Quite a while ago I read an article which shows a bit of my feelings which I never had the chance to write or share it in any other form than just a short discussion with my close friends. Growing up in an artsy city of Yogyakarta, I never skipped the past 6 years of my life attending ArtJog and Jogja Art Biennale, two of the biggest art fair in Yogyakarta. I have always been infuriated with the people who go to an art exhibition but take it as a place to get a good selfies of themselves while using the art exhibition as their properties inappropriately - and of course at last it's just for the sake of social climbing purposes through social media recognition. No, I am not against this trend, since I understand that many people are influencing others, using it as a tool to express themselves, and even some are making some money from it, and a lot of them are for a good cause (charity, education, etc). So, basically, recognition on social media is of course needed for those purpos…

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